Kimono Coin Purse | Pine & Hexagon Kikko

A handmade coin purse upcycled from vintage premium Japanese kimono obi fabric. 

The Kikko is a Japanese symbol inspired by the shell of the tortoise in hexagons.  
Pine (Matsu) is a Japanese homophone for “wait”, it is a common symbol that creates anticipation for the winter season. Pine also depicts fidelity as fallen pine needles are always in a pair.

Base Fabric: vintage Japanese silk obi
Pattern: stylized peony on gold and black
Hardware: 4" metal frame, ball kisslock closure

MEASUREMENTS: 4″ x 4″ x 1″

This listing is for the bag pictured and you will receive the exact item shown in the photos of this listing.

Textile sourced from Japanese, bag designed and handmade in Hong Kong.