Chinese Kwan Kwa Clutch - Pomegranates【裙褂手袋-石榴】

A one of a kind handmade clutch purse upcycled from end-of-use Chinese Kwan Kwa embroidered with motifs of pomegranates.


The Kwan Kwa is an auspicious bright red wedding gown elaborately embellished and embroidered.  Pomegranates represents fertility and abundance, for its many seeds.  The word seed 【籽】 is a homophone for 【子】, the word for son.


Base Fabric: end-of-use Kwan Kwa 
Pattern: pomegranates in gold and silver embroidery over Deep Red
Hardware: 8" metal frame, Swarovski crystal (clear) knob closure
Strap: metal straps (15")
Packaging: cotton linen dust bag and wooden keepsake box

BAG MEASUREMENTS: 9″ x 5″ x 2.5″

This is a one of a kind clutch bag and you will receive the exact clutch bag shown in the photos of this listing.

Textile sourced from Hong Kong, clutch bag designed and handmade in Hong Kong. 【裙褂手袋】