Chinese Goldwork Embroidery Kwan Kwa Pouch + Cufflinks Set - Wedding Gift Set【裙褂手袋】

Winner of the Hong Kong Smart Design Award, this unique Chinese wedding Kwan Kwa gift set bestows blessings on its receivers. Intricate goldwork embroidery from traditional Southern Chinese wedding finery is upcycled into a modern testament to everlasting love. 

This set comes with a wooden presentation box and contains:
1 zipper pouch (Size: 13 x 10 x 1 cm)
1 pair cufflinks (Diameter: 1.4 cm)

The esteemed to be one of the most exquisite flowers symbolizing prosperity and nobility. The peony became popular in the imperial palaces during the Sui and Tang dynasties (581-907), and thus earned the titles of "king of flowers" and the "flower of wealth, rank, and honor".

Each set is unique and you will receive the same set featured in this listing. This is a one of a kind piece is made ethically and sustainably using a near zero waste making process.  With the purchase of a Heritage ReFashioned clutch, you are buying a little piece of authentic culture and heritage.  

As seen on the Cathay Pacific in-flight Magazine