Asanoha Kimono Clutch in Orange Red Turquoise | Upcycled from vintage Japanese Obi

A handmade kimono clutch bag is upcycled from vintage premium Japanese kimono silk obi fabric woven the asanoha (hemp leaf) pattern.

The Asanoha, hemp leaf, is Japanese symbol inspired by the prolific hemp plant.  This star-shape flower carries the blessing for children to grow and for women to conceive.

Base Fabric: vintage Japanese silk obi
Pattern: Asanoha in Orange Red Turquoise
Hardware: 8" metal frame, Swarovski crystal knob closure
Strap: 43" genuine leather and metallic chain strap

Count: 1 of 1 

MEASUREMENTS: 9″ x 5″ x 2.5″

Due to the unique nature of vintage materials and the process of upcycling, the pattern on the actual bag you will receive may vary.  If you'd like to be surprised, simply add the clutch bag to your cart, but if you would like to view available pattern variations, please contact us and quote the link of the clutch you are interested in.

Textile sourced from Japanese, clutch bag designed and handmade in Hong Kong.